About Company

AJMS Tax is a subsidiary of AJMS Group (“AJMS”) – a network of consulting firms specializing in providing niche consulting proposition to its clients in the area of Strategy, Tax, Risk, Compliance, IFRS advisory, Distress advisory and Digital Transformation Advisory. 

The firm is led by Dr. Abhishek Jajoo, Founding Partner & CEO and comprises of professionals who have experience of working as Bankers, Regulators, Auditors and Legal Advisors. Currently, AJMS has presence in 14 cities across 10 countries (predominantly GCC) with its headquarters in UAE.

Vision & mission​

AJMS Tax exists to serve the needs of ever-evolving Tax landscape of the GCC, which has raised several compliance challenges for businesses as well as individuals. Tax authorities in GCC derive guidance from the OECD/G20 Inclusive Framework on BEPS technical guidance to assist governments with implementation of tax systems, which will ensure multinational enterprises (MNEs) being subject to a 15% effective minimum tax rate.

Through its seasoned team of tax professionals and state-of-the-art solutions, AJMS Tax works not only with the business echelons but also with the fiscal policy makers to stay one step ahead of the emerging challenges and trends giving ample time to its clients to become tax ready. We aim to be the tax practice of choice in the emerging markets when it boils down to making the choice of optimal quality at affordable fee levels.

Message from the Chairman

I feel privileged to lead a market challenger in the tax services space, which has made its mark in GCC in a very short time. We follow a code that has quality and ethics as its overriding principles.

We have always given back to the communities where we operate in. This happens through various programs of empowerment, awareness raising, and financial contribution to CSR and philanthropic initiatives. We are committed to spending a significant amount of our non-chargeable time on mass-scale awareness raising and training the ecosystem w.r.t Tax legislation and how we may support the marketplace.

We are of the belief that it is our people who define us. Accordingly, we invest in the financial and social wellbeing of our people and empower them to align their work patterns with their personal lives. We facilitate creation of Entrepreneurs through creation of “Intrapreneurs”. The social and economic wellbeing of our people, partners, stakeholders, customers is a matter of highest importance for us. I am confident that with the contribution of these stakeholders, AJMS Tax will play a vital role in inculcating a healthy tax culture in the economies that we operate in.

Dr Abhishek Jajoo

Dr Abhishek Jajoo

Founder & Chairman

Serial Entrepreneur with expertise on REGTECH & Risk Management