The consumer sector in the MENA region has been undergoing significant changes in recent years, driven by a combination of economic, demographic, and technological factors. For example, the Middle East has a young and rapidly growing population, which is driving demand for consumer goods and services. With economic growth and increasing prosperity, many people in the Middle East have more disposable income to spend on consumer goods and services. There is a growing awareness of health and wellness, and consumers are becoming more conscious about the products they buy. E-commerce is growing rapidly in the Middle East, as more people turn to online platforms to shop for goods and services. Tourism is a major contributor to the consumer sector of the region, as the MENA region is home to many popular tourist destinations. The food and beverage sector is growing rapidly, as consumers look for new and diverse dining experiences. The demand for luxury goods is growing day by day, as more people look to buy high-end products. The fashion industry is booming, as more people look for clothing and accessories that reflect their personal style. The entertainment sector is thriving, as more people look for new and exciting ways to spend their leisure time. Many people in the Middle East are interested in religious and cultural tourism, and this is driving demand for travel and related services in the region. However, the consumer sector in the MENA is not immune to the global economic downturns, and the demand for consumer goods and services may fluctuate depending on the overall economic conditions.

It is crucial to augment your company’s core competencies and pertinence for clients. We can assist in fortifying your brand image through USP focus, and always keeping “the triple E” priorities in mind. We deploy industrial maestros who can enhance your yield, maximize productivity, minimize wastage, optimize revenue, streamline logistics, acquire client understanding and market intelligence. Our unique service offerings such as the mystery shopper, customer audit unravel risks and threats that would otherwise remain hidden in plain sight. Our supply chain experts can also aid you in effecting significant value addition by incorporating ESG into the whole supply chain for your company.

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In pursuance of effective implementation of Circular No. 5 issued by the Ministry of Economy in March 2021, Dubai Economy organised a series of webinars for the business owners and investors in the Emirate, over the last quarter to support them to fully comply with the measures being adopted nationwide to enhance transparency and curb money laundering.

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