With the advent of neo banks, predominance of telecom banking, contactless payments, digital microfinancing and the like, governmental regulations are adapting rapidly in the banking field. This is giving rise to fast volving consumer behaviors, and new political and economic difficulties. Consequently, there is a plethora of risks and opportunities facing the industry. As the market evolves, it is imperative that banks are furnished with the means to adjust their business and operating models, meet the demands of a complex regulatory environment, and place sustainability at the core of what they do.


We take pride in that our banking team comprises of former banking maestros, regulators, industry gurus and senior professionals who provide in-depth understanding of the sector. We are well versed with the intricate web of regulatory, economic, fiscal and political changes impacting financial institutions, and provide advice and solutions that lead to robust decisions. We can offer guidance on national prudential regulations, Basel compliance, risk and internal audit, AML/CFT advisory, client onboarding, technological transformation such as digital/neo banking, Blockchain advisory, payment banking, restructuring and outsourcing.

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